Been Pre-Approved Now What?

The next step after loan pre-approval is to find a house. We’ll set up a search so you’ll start getting active listings in your price range as they become available. When you see something you like we’ll set up an appointment to go see it. If you like it we write up an offer and negotiate until we come to an agreement on price and terms (like closing costs paid and closing date etc). You’ll have 3 days after an acceptance to pay your earnest money deposit ($1000) and about 10 days to have your inspection. If items come up in the inspection that are unacceptable we can cancel the contract or ask the seller to fix those items (they can choose not to and cancel the contract at that point). After inspection items are cleared we wait for the lender to get your loan approved (you have to turn in 50,000 documents to them during this time lol). The home will be appraised if it is at or higher than the purchase price all is good if it appraises for lower than the purchase price the seller will either have to come down, you will have to put more money down or the contract will be cancelled. Then right before closing the home will be surveyed for your records. At closing you will get your final #’s to wire to the title company handling the closing we go to closing you sign about 1 million papers and then you get your keys.


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